Zoom rooms can be accessed via Google Meet — and vice versa

Zoom rooms can be accessed via Google Meet — and vice versa

Finally, users will be able to join Meet calls from Zoom rooms and use Meet hardware in Zoom calls. Fulfilling the promise made last October, video calling services are now interoperable — at least, for basic features.

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The idea of ​​this unlikely union is to ensure more convenience for consumers on both platforms. Two-way interoperability ensures more day-to-day convenience, especially when collaborating with teams that use different platforms but need to have occasional meetings.

The integration between Zoom and Meet supports basic features to provide real-time communication, but without mixing the identity of each platform. Invitations by links or code, programmed entry, appointment in the agenda and other fundamental functions have been preserved. However, advanced functions, such as support for two screens and polls, were left out.

Unity is strength

In a way, the union of Google Meet and Zoom tends to strengthen the platforms in the corporate video calling segment. Removing barriers between services also tends to facilitate migration between them, making the race for new features even fiercer.

It is worth mentioning that all integration between services has no additional cost, similar to the integration of Meet with Cisco Webex. Gigante das Pesquisas has provided complete documentation on merging the platforms on the official support website, in case of doubts.

Interoperability between Google Meet and Zoom begins rolling out to all users on January 26th, and it may take up to 15 days to reach everyone.