Youtuber uses Raspberry Pi to revive old Sega Game Gear

Jeff Geerling via YouTube/Reprodução

Jeff Geerling, a YouTuber well known for his hardware modifications and experiments, gave new life to a Game Gear. Geerling used a Raspberry Pi adapted to the original housing of Sega’s portable console by Zega Mame Gear and emulation tools.

As it does not have the same proprietary interfaces and ports, it is not possible to use the console’s original cartridges. In practice, the restored Game Gear is a DIY retro console that can be easily created with Raspberry Pi kits.

More than Sonic and After Burner

The Sega Game Gear was a dream for many Brazilians in the 1990s, when Sega still made consoles and had official representation in the country via TecToy. However, it was relatively expensive and finding games here was also not simple, meaning that the few owners of the console only had the titles that came with the portable, such as Sonic e After Burner.

As much as the idea of ​​completely restoring Sega’s console has its nostalgic appeal, it was also not a success abroad, having sold only 11 million units, compared to the Game Boy’s 119 million. Therefore, it is very difficult and Expensive to find replacement parts in good condition.

On resale sites, it is still possible to find models in good condition, but they all cost more than R$1,000 and the few games found can vary between R$100 and R$400. Therefore, projects like Geerling’s can be a good gateway for those who are starting to study electronics, and the end result will run much more than two games.

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