X-Men | Mutant game would be in Insomniac Games’ plans

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The Insomniac Games data leak revealed to the world several of the studio’s projects for the next six years. Among the various internal information from the studio, plans for a new trilogy of games were confirmed, one of which would be Marvel’s X-Menexclusive to PlayStation 5.

In addition to titles like a new Ratchet & Clank and a spin-off of Marvel’s Spider-Man 2 based on Venom, it was revealed in documents dated June 2023 that the Wolverine game would be the beginning of a new trilogy and that the second game would simply be called Marvel’s X-Men, being scheduled for 2030. In addition, the third game, which would also feature the team’s name in the title, could be released in 2033.

Yes, we are already talking about games from 2033 and that is our reality. Everything hurts and nothing makes sense anymore.

The documents also inform about the contractual possibility of a fourth game, this one scheduled for release in 2035, but this would only be worked on if there was interest from the parties involved. Despite no information about what the mutant games would be like, the leak of the entire story of Marvel’s Wolverineincluding its conclusion, set the tone for what the game could be about.

Furthermore, due to the time until production of the game begins and considering that the leaked documents are from the first half of 2023, many plans may change until Sony and Insomniac Games decide to officially reveal the games.

Understand the leak case

Insomniac Games was the victim of an invasion by hackers, who left ransomware on the company’s servers, asking for the sum of US$2 million or to release the data within seven days. As the amount was not paid, 1.67 TB of information was thrown onto the internet, containing game data, internal presentations, contracts, sensitive employee data, among others.

Between games, Marvel’s Wolverine was the one that had the most information leaked, such as the complete story, characters, voice actors involved, gameplay videos and even a test version that runs on PlayStation 5 development kits. Although a lot of this data is certainly starting to be removed from the internet, The fact that they have already been made available makes the studio’s work quite difficult.

The hacking is also frightening due to the magnitude of the leak, covering years of work and planning for a company of this size. So far, Sony and Insomniac Games have not commented on the matter.