Wolverine | Leaks reveal details and screenshots of Insomniac gameplay

Reprodução/Insomniac Games

Insomniac Games suffered a massive data leak after a hacker broke into the company’s systems and asked for the equivalent of US$2 million not to disclose information about several of the studio’s projects. And the project most affected was precisely the long-awaited one Marvel’s Wolverinewhich among various information, had its release date, plot details and gameplay videos distributed on the internet.

After threats from hackers and non-payment of the required amount, information such as concept arts, budget, cast, gameplay videos and release window for Marvel’s Wolverine fell into the net. The heaviest information is really the game’s entire story, plans for sequels and a complete test build, which can be tested on PlayStation 5 development kits.

All this information gives a good idea of ​​what we can expect from the game starring Logan — including the presence of a second playable character and even the villain they will have to face, who is an old acquaintance of comic book fans. Needless to say, this is all spoilers, so stop here if you don’t want to know more details of what’s to come.

Gameplay videos and heavy story spoilers

As this is a heavy data leak from a game that should only be released at the end of fiscal year 2026, we will not bring all the details of the story, just that Marvel’s Wolverine will put Logan and Jean Gray on a journey to save mutants from the villain Mister Sinister.

If you want to read the entire story, at your own risk, you can read it all on the Pastebin website (in English). It’s an impressive leak, which goes so far as to tell the hook of the game’s ending, ending any surprise it might bring at launch. The documents indicate that the game will be the first in a trilogy involving mutants.

In addition to the story, the actors behind the voices of Marvel’s Wolverine. The main trio will be played by Liam McIntyre (Spartacus) as Logan, Krizia Bajos (Barry) as Jean Grey, and Troy Baker (The Last of Us) as Mister Sinister. The list with all the characters, their voice actors and their concept art was also leaked.

Videos that show excerpts from the game’s gameplay reveal that it should have combat much closer to that seen in titles like God of War: Ragnarok than in Marvel’s Spider-Manwhich makes it enough for Web Head, Wolverine won’t be the only controllable character, as Jean Gray also appears in combat scenes in the videos.

Insomniac Games and Sony have not yet officially commented on the case, but it is expected that most of the links to videos and game data will be taken down soon. However, if it fell through the net, the chance of it disappearing completely is quite difficult, which is a shame considering that Marvel’s Wolverine is one of the most anticipated games for the PlayStation 5.