Windows crashing on install? know what to do

Windows crashing on install?  know what to do

Installing a new operating system on your computer is a time-consuming task, and there may still be some problems along the way. If Windows is crashing during the installation, there are some alternatives to solve the problem and resume access to the PC.

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There isn’t just one reason why Windows starts to hang during installation. In some situations, just waiting for a while can do the trick, but at other times the computer doesn’t show any progress on specific screens. Errors can appear at different stages of the process, so there is more than one way to resolve them.

How to Fix Windows Stuck on Installation

Check available disk space

One of the most important requirements for installing a new version of Windows is the minimum storage space on the machine via HDD or SSD. Make sure you have enough capacity to store the installation, then resume the process.

remove connected devices

The Windows installer looks for and updates drivers for all devices connected to your computer: peripherals, USB devices, and monitors, among other options. If possible, remove all these devices from your computer to speed up the process and avoid crashes.

Restart the internet connection

Software needs internet connection to download all updates. If the installation starts to hang, try removing the cables or restarting the router to re-establish a stable connection and proceed with the installation.

Change firmware from BIOS to UEFI

Some computers use the BIOS as system firmware, but this specification is mostly used on older models. Windows 10 and Windows 11 require firmware to be changed to UEFI with faster boot. You can change it from two different ways.

Use safe mode

Windows may also freeze when restarting the computer during installation. In some situations, it can stay on the same screen for minutes or just show the company logo. For this, it is recommended to start your PC in safe mode to fix issues.

Fix corrupted files and restart installation

Some system files may be corrupted and this affects the installation. In this scenario, cancel the procedure and return to Windows. Then check the system files with these steps:

  • Open Command Prompt through the search bar;
  • Type the command sfc /scannow and press “Enter”;
  • Wait for Windows to check and troubleshoot the files.

Use another Microsoft account

Installation may hang when signing in with Microsoft account. An alternative is to skip this step, use a temporary account and only log in after completing the entire update.