Why doesn’t the protagonist of GTA 3 speak?


Famous for its iconic protagonists, the series’ modern era GTA It begins precisely with a mute character — something that has always intrigued fans. Claude, from GTA 3is the only character in the saga to not say anything, as dubbing only became part of the franchise from GTA: Vice City. And now we finally know why.

On his profile on A veteran of the company since the early 2000s, he left the company in 2008, shortly after the launch of GTA 4 which makes it a very rich source about the series’ past. And one of the questions asked by followers was precisely about the reasons for Claude being the only silent protagonist.

According to Verneij, the decision to silence Claude came precisely from technical and budgetary limitations at the time. He explains that part of the character’s silence is the result of Rockstar’s need to save money, as dubbing would require more spending on the script and the hiring of a voice actor — not to mention all the costs to put this into the game. “Plus, the audio team was already very busy,” he reveals.

GTA 3 was released in 2001 for PlayStation 2, at a time when major franchises were beginning to include voice acting in their projects, which meant that silent characters were still quite common. So much so that, in 2002, Rockstar already brought GTA: Vice City dubbed and with actor Ray Liotta (The Good Companions) playing or starring Tommy Vercetti.

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And Claude’s silence was never a big problem – so much so that it didn’t stop GTA 3 of being a milestone in the history of games, presenting a new form of open world and creating a new standard of games for Rockstar and which served as an example for other studios. It became the best-selling game in the year of its release and, in total, surpassed the mark of 14.5 million units.