Who is the Apple Watch Ultra for?

Who is the Apple Watch Ultra for?

In 2022, the FreeGameGuide team analyzed the Apple Watch Ultra. However, its purpose presented so vehemently by the company made many users wonder if the smart watch is interesting only for extreme sports practitioners, or there are other audiences who can buy it.

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So, in order to help you understand who the Apple Watch Ultra is for, I’m going to talk about some of its attractive features. Thus, with a greater understanding of the product, it can make sense even for users who are not adventurous.

The purpose of this content is not to recommend the most expensive version for its price, but to point out elements that justify the amount charged by Apple. Also because not everyone exploits everything that the Watch can provide, even in its most basic versions.

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Does the sturdier build make a difference?

It is clear that there are big visual differences when comparing the Apple Watch Ultra with the Watch Series 8. After all, the cheaper version delivers an aluminum casing, while the premium product evolves the material to aerospace titanium.

This change is responsible for the watch’s resistance to extreme temperatures. With this, the use of the accessory in environments with excessive heat or cold does not affect the integrity of the construction.

On the other hand, weight can be an aggravating factor for people with thinner wrists, as discretion is not one of their strengths. In addition, its size does not offer advantages for viewing the contents.

The Watch Ultra has a minimal difference in display size compared to the smaller device — it’s 1.9 inches on the Series 8 and 1.92 inches on the Ultra — and the glass material is the same. Therefore, for protection and resistance to falling, there are no disparities.

I confess that my experience using the robust smart watch was controversial. On the one hand, the size was uncomfortable on my thin wrist in the first few days, but later I adapted well and just focused on the nice features built into it.

I believe that if I weren’t so sedentary, the Apple Watch Ultra would be an essential accessory in my routine. The fact that it resists — without scratches — my clumsy way, demonstrates how much the Cupertino giant was right in choosing the material for the construction of this product.

One-off resources for adventurers

The Apple Watch Ultra has many features that are a repeat of what we see on the standard version, such as IP6X certification for water resistance. On the other hand, this device is the only one that can be used in the brand’s salt water, due to its more resistant material.

With this, the use in the practice of sport diving — snorkeling — takes advantage of the depth indicator — used in conjunction with the Depth app — to know the level of submersion. Thanks to the watch’s sensors, the app’s feature can automatically activate as soon as your arm enters the water.

Another feature that draws attention is the compass, as the element present in the Always on Display mode works dynamically with the watch’s gyroscope. In addition, the fluorescent lighting allows visualization of the mapping in environments where there are no artificial lights, such as in the dark of forests or at the bottom of the sea.

The greatest adventure is autonomy

Anyone who has been using smart watches for a few years knows that the battery is not the big difference in this type of accessory. However, the Apple Watch Ultra focuses on going against the grain of this market with surprising autonomy.

According to the company, the device can run for up to 36 hours before needing to be recharged. However, in my experience of use, I reached 4 days of consumption. It is obvious that there are variations, depending on what each person leaves active on the device.

However, keeping all the sensors active 24 hours a day, even without the effective practice of exercises, achieving this autonomy calls attention. Much of the justification for this is the size of the Ultra’s battery, as it is 75% larger than that of the Series 8. Therefore, it is to be expected that the time is leveraged.

There are some features that can even help increase this usage time, such as battery saving. In this way, the product’s target audience is not “hostage” to the charger when spending a weekend in the forest, for example.

Price may (or may not) drive consumers away

It is not news that Apple products have exorbitant prices in Brazil. However, even in the US, the Watch Ultra has a value that surprises consumers who are used to seeing the price of the watch be, on average, US$ 400.

At first glance, the $799 charged for the Apple Watch Ultra seems like overkill. However, there are other versions of the Series 8, like the one built in stainless steel, which costs $749, which is just $50 less than the more premium model.

When we convert this value to Real, the Ultra on the brand’s official website reaches an unbelievable R$ 10,299, and the most expensive version of the Watch Series 8 is R$ 9,599. So, considering the material of the product, the features and the target audience, it might make more sense to buy the Apple Watch Ultra.

Is it better to buy the Apple Watch Ultra over the Series 8?

Apple’s lack of innovation over the past 8 years, since the first Apple Watch was released in 2015, has seen interest in the Watch Ultra grow. After all, the product manages to “reinvent” a line that was already visually stagnant.

In addition to this, several features for extreme sports practitioners also generate specific advantages for the public that needs a more resistant watch. The robust material ensures that the integrity of the product is greater, as well as security options in specific situations.

Considering that Apple Watch users value having the best of the company in their hands, investing in Watch Ultra, perhaps, makes more sense. Obviously, this can only be considered by those who plan to spend around BRL 9,000 for the Series 8 in stainless steel, as they can take a little more money out of their wallet and already acquire the most complete of the generation launched in 2022.

On the other hand, for those who only need the basic model to use it superficially, the R$3,600 Series 8 is already more than enough. I, for example, would opt for the most basic version, because — in addition to the lack of money — I don’t see the point in investing in the sports product, even if the battery is more robust, if I usually stay away from adventurous situations.

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