Who dies in Final Fantasy VII Rebirth?

Divulgação/Square Enix

Final Fantasy 7 Rebirth There are several reasons to become one of the biggest releases of 2024. But one of them is quite strong and for fans of the original game, it is perhaps the most important. Will we again see Aerith’s fate destroy the hearts of players around the world, but this time in 4K? Or are we about to be surprised by Square Enix?

There are several signs that we will see a digital tragedy when FF7 Rebirth arrive in stores, but it is still possible to point out that perhaps it will not be exactly the way we expect.

Plot changes give hope

The biggest surprise of Final Fantasy 7 Remake it was certainly its resolution, which showed the characters fighting against agents of destiny, recognizing that they no longer need to follow the paths they used to. This makes the project “new” Final Fantasy 7 exactly that: something new, which does not adapt the same events from the original game.

The great emphasis given to Aerith in the remake, something expected mainly due to the excerpt it adapted, also raised the possibility that perhaps she will not be a victim of Sephiroth in the new version. All trailers FF7 Rebirth they echo this chance to change their own destiny, making the flame of hope in the hearts of their fans burn brighter.

But Square Enix knows this. They know a lot about this!

Playful marketing

All trailers Final Fantasy 7 Rebirth they bring a very interesting grandeur, but along with it, a feeling that some disaster is going to happen in the game. Fans of the original title know exactly what this tragedy is, and Square Enix seems to have no desire to eliminate this feeling.

On its social networks, Square Enix released comparison images of the PS1 and PS5 graphics, showing the difference between the versions of Aerith. The problem is that this was done using exactly Aerith’s scene, moments before the misfortune happened.

Another very iconic image of the character was also recreated with new graphics and the caption “The world will be saved, but what about you?”

There are two possibilities for this to be done. The first, and perhaps the most obvious, is that Aerith will truly become a t-shirt of eternal longing and Square Enix is ​​not trying to hide this, embracing the fact once and for all and preparing everyone in a way close to “raw love”.

The other possibility, which many people are embracing, is that Square Enix is ​​using this so much that maybe it’s a way to throw everyone off. Everyone waits for Aerith to cross over, but the time arrives and she is saved.

But there is a danger in this possibility. A danger that could keep fans up at night.

What if someone else close to Cloud dies?

Final Fantasy 7 Remake focuses heavily on the initial quartet of Cloud, Barret, Aerith and Tifa. The way the characters develop in the remake is much better than in the original game, especially because there is more space and technology to do so.

While Aerith gained the necessary prominence, as did Tifa. In fact, her relationship with Cloud gained much more strength and the character’s personality became much more evident than in the limited dialogue of the original version.

This ended up generating doubt among some fans regarding the changes in the plot. What if, when preserving Aerith’s life in the new game, Tifa is the one who ends up being sacrificed by Sephiroth?

During the visit to Los Angeles to play the beginning of FF 7 Rebirth, I questioned professionals about Aerith’s fate. Everyone laughed and chatted. Some said “I don’t even know”. When asked about Tifa’s fate, the laughter continued, but I received looks that seemed like I was crazy.

Crazy or on top of the truth? The answer will be given on February 29th, the day on which Final Fantasy 7 Rebirth arrives on PS5.