What time does the GTA 6 trailer come out?

Reprodução/Rockstar Games

The long-awaited trailer for GTA 6 It’s finally coming. Rockstar confirmed that the first images of the expected sequel will be released this Tuesday, December 5th, at 11am (Brasília time). And, as expected, the simple release of the video has already become an event that should stop the internet.

Since the studio confirmed that it would show the first scenes of the game this month, the new chapter of the saga Grand Theft Auto has become one of the most talked about topics on social media, being among the most talked about topics on the old Twitter every day and breaking some records for likes and shares in a matter of hours. And this is just the tip of the huge iceberg that is the hype surrounding the game.

How to watch the GTA 6 trailer

Knowing all this expectation, Rockstar itself created a countdown to the release of the trailer. On its social networks, the producer confirmed that the video will be released promptly at 11 am. This means you can mark your calendar, set an alarm clock and spend your lunch hour freaking out over images and scenes from the game.

A good option so you don’t miss the premiere is to activate YouTube notifications. The studio has already scheduled the trailer to premiere on its channel on the video network, which allows you to be notified when the content becomes available. You can check out this video above.

The curious thing is that Rockstar’s YouTube page is also a great thermometer of this expectation around GTA 6. This is because tens of thousands of people have the video page open even though it is hours away from its release. At the end of Monday afternoon, with 18 hours to go before the launch, more than 50 thousand people were ready to play.

This shouldn’t be the only way, however, to follow the trailer’s release. The producer usually publishes all its news on its social networks, such as Twitter. So, you can be sure that the first images of the most anticipated game of the next few years will circulate a lot on your timeline.

Between rumors and leaks

The long-awaited trailer for GTA 6 arrives exactly ten years after the launch of the previous game, which also helps to explain all the fuss and curiosity about how Rockstar intends to evolve the franchise after so long. However, the trailer also arrives surrounded by a lot of speculation and immersed in some historical leaks.

In 2022, supposed images and videos were released on forums and social media showing what appeared to be an unfinished version that confirmed that we would have two playable characters, one of them being a woman — something unprecedented in the franchise — and that the plot would would take place in Vice City, a city in the series’ universe based on Miami.

Rockstar confirmed the veracity of the leaked content, which only served to excite fans even more. A quick look at YouTube, for example, is enough to see the large number of videos and analyzes of each of the details present in this content stolen from the company.

At the end of November 2023, almost on the eve of the launch of the trailer, a new wave of information from GTA 6. An image of what the game’s general map should be was published on forums, detailing that the game should be up to twice as large as GTA 5 and that, in addition to Vice City, we will have other smaller locations that can be visited by the player.

This is the kind of thing we should see in the official trailer. As usual, Rockstar should focus this first presentation of the game on an overview of the world, showing its protagonists, some characters important to the plot and some of the features that will be present in the gameplay.