What is Windows Server?

What is Windows Server?

Windows Server is Microsoft’s suite of operating systems designed for use on servers. This product offers structures and solutions to manage multiple computers associated with a single network, consolidated as a recurring option in corporate devices.

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The first version of Windows Server was released in 2003, with user interface similar to Windows XP. Microsoft updates and releases new versions as the Windows operating system changes, with new features and improved tools.

How does Windows Server work?

Windows Server provides tools and systems for servers. With the product, you can manage features, applications, and settings for other computers linked to that network. Therefore, this is a feature often used by companies.

Windows Server operating systems allow you to standardize all enterprise machines and connect them to the server. This includes functions such as the active directory, which manages all user authentication on computers, and layers of security for the devices and DHCP server, the protocol that determines the IP addresses for all devices.

There are also functionalities that can be applied in offices and work environments, such as a system to unify access to printers and a synchronized disk to store files. Systems can also be integrated with Azure, Microsoft’s cloud storage tool.

What is the difference to the conventional version of Windows?

From the user’s perspective, the interface used on Windows Server computers is the same as the consumer version of Windows. However, some apps for personal use like Microsoft Store and Cortana are removed. The server administrator controls which applications are installed and allowed on each machine.

What are the minimum requirements to install Windows Server?

Microsoft proposes the following requirements for the 2022 version of the product:

  • Processor: from 1.4 GHz and 64-bit, x64 instruction set compatible;
  • RAM: 512 MB of memory or 2 GB 512 MB to use Server with Desktop Experience installation;
  • Available hard disk space: 36 GB;
  • Internet connection.

How to Install Windows Server

There are different ways to install Windows Server with free trial option. One of the most popular alternatives is from Azure: with the cloud storage service for companies, it is possible to create a virtual machine and use the server package. Additionally, Microsoft makes the ISO or VHD files available on the Evaluation Center.