What is the most popular console in Brazil?


Playing video games is many people’s favorite pastime. Proof of this is that, in Brazil, more than 70% of the population uses electronic games to have fun. With this in mind, The Toy Zone website mapped the most used toys in Brazil and around the world, placing an important emphasis on consoles. Can you guess which is the most popular console in Brazil without looking at the next paragraphs?

Before giving the answer, it is important to explain the methodology used. The site curated several sources with authority in publishing data on the most varied toys, such as the Toy Association. The results were cross-referenced with other sources and the team used a word exploration tool to research the popularity of items based on Google searches over the last 12 months.

Returning to the point, the most popular console in Brazil is the Xbox Series S. The result is not surprising given the 12-month period analyzed and it makes even more sense when we take the issue of price into account in this equation. However, Microsoft recently readjusted the price of the console, promoting a 35% increase in the amount charged for the device, basically ending its main attraction: cost-benefit.

When comparing with South American neighbors, countries like Argentina, Paraguay, Uruguay and Colombia also have Microsoft’s white console as their favorite. On the other hand, colleagues from Peru, Chile, Ecuador and Venezuela adopt the Nintendo Switch.

What is the most popular console in the world?

The Toy Zone’s mapping went well beyond South America and encompassed practically every country in which it could obtain data. For the rest of the world there is no debate, as the Nintendo Switch is the most popular video game on the planet today. Nintendo’s hybrid as the favorite in 51 of the 151 countries analyzed.

With the support of major franchises, such as Mario and the most recent The Legend of Zelda: Tears of the Kingdomthe console is the third biggest seller in history, losing only to the Nintendo DS and the classic PlayStation 2. The Xbox Series S appears again in second place, proving that search interest for Microsoft’s cheapest video game is on the rise for globe.

It is worth highlighting the Steamdeck in third position — despite being a recent product, it has been arousing the interest of many people. The PlayStation 5 doesn’t have much space in the Americas, but it has strength on the European continent and in much of the African continent — which is why it is the fifth most popular console in the world

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Fonte: The Toy Zone