What is Shein? Complete guide to use the app

What is Shein?  Complete guide to use the app

You certainly know someone who has already bought from Shein. The application is very popular in Brazil for its ease of buying clothes, using coupons and participating in promotions.

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What is Shein?

Shein is a retail e-commerce created in China and operating in over 150 countries. The main focus is on fashion and clothing items, but the platform’s catalog also has home and pet accessories. Unlike other marketplaces, the company has its own clothing brands and offers products exclusively.

The operation is digital, with the option to buy through the store’s website or app. However, the app is considered a more advantageous alternative because it offers exclusive promotional conditions. The store has some copies sold nationwide, but most of the collection is imported. With more affordable prices and free shipping promotions, Shein gained popularity in Brazil.

5 tips for using the Shein app

1. How to create a Shein account

First, you need to register a profile on Shein. There are four ways to do this: cell phone number, email address, Google account or Facebook profile. Right after registration, follow the instructions to fill in the registration, with preferences and delivery addresses.

Shein offers promotional discount coupons for the first purchase on the platform. In addition, with a profile registered in the app, it is possible to create a list of favorite items, earn points for purchases and save payment methods.

2. How to buy from Shein

Buying through Shein is a process similar to many other fashion e-commerces. The platform separates the entire collection between categories of pieces, with the option of filtering the search by themes, colors, materials and other options.

In the field of each product, you can check the reviews of other people who made the same purchase, check the measurements and find out the shipping. After setting up the shopping cart, just proceed to checkout, enter the address and pay.

You can pay with credit or debit cards, boleto and Pix. If you have a discount coupon, you can activate it on the order confirmation screen.

3. How to accumulate points in the app

Shein has a points program for customers. The higher the score, the greater the discount coupons available to settle the shipping or purchase amount.

There are several methods to increase account score in the application. Some of the simpler options include daily in-app check-in, verifying email address, purchasing, and posting reviews of purchased items.

4. How to find out your clothes size

Buying clothes online is always a challenge due to the variation in sizes. To remove these doubts, Shein includes a fitting guide in each piece, with the respective measurements for each size.

Also, it pays to use reviews from other customers to your advantage. Testimonials help to understand the quality of the material and other forms explain the fit of the clothes.

5. Are Shein purchases taxed?

Due to international shipments, Shein purchases may incur customs fees. There are some tips that help reduce the chance of extra charges, such as avoiding very large orders and purchases over $50, but they also don’t guarantee the exemption.

Many users comment on the app itself that they received products without taxation. If your purchase is chosen, it is necessary to pay the tribute by the Post Office.