What is forwarding on Instagram? understand the metric

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Forwarding or sharing on Instagram is the act of sending content from one profile to another. This feature works like a button, typically used to show someone a relevant photo or video.

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Forwarding works differently on platforms like Instagram, Facebook, LinkedIn, and Twitter. In the last three, you can add your own caption over someone else’s original post or just share that originally, giving more reach to the content. The forwarded photo or video appears in the feed as if it were yours, visible to everyone.

On Insta, sharing is different because it has a more intimate purpose. Instead of reposting something on your timeline, this social network tool allows you to send it to other people via direct message (DM). For your contact to know what was shared, you need to open the DMs and see the post received.

How does forwarding work on Instagram?

Currently, referrals can be made in three ways:

  • Traditional feed images: The person will receive a clickable thumbnail that will direct them to the original post.
  • Reels videos: the recipient will receive a thumbnail in the format (9:16), also clickable, to access the creator’s content;
  • Stories: Some traditional posts and videos from Reels can be shared in stories, allowing a 24-hour “disclosure” to all your followers.
  • In the first two situations, everything works very similarly. The person must choose who will receive the post and tap the send button to complete. On the other hand, the person will receive a message directly in the inbox and will be able to choose whether to click to see it or let it go.

    In the case of forwarding through Stories, not all content can be sent to the temporary video format, so it is more limited. If the profile is closed or the settings restricted, followers will not be able to share content.

    On the other hand, outreach can be more effective if the user has a high view rate than if they DM one-by-one. Those who have few friends can even select some people to receive the content, but in accounts with thousands of followers, it can be more effective to use Stories to give visibility to Reels content or a new post.

    forwarding is metric

    Forwarding is one of the most powerful metrics used by Instagram to measure the success of a post. The more people interact with the forward button, the more the recommendation algorithm understands that it is a relevant post.

    The amount of shares can be seen in the Instagram Insights tab. Just look for the paper plane icon to find out how many times a particular publication has been sent to a certain location.

    It is worth remembering that referral must be associated with other interactions to be effective. So it’s no use just sharing posts if there aren’t enough likes, comments, saves and replies.