What is Bubble Tea, the drink celebrated by the Google Doodle

What is Bubble Tea, the drink celebrated by the Google Doodle

Anyone who opened Google this weekend or today (30th) must have found the Doodle of the day strange: a fox wearing a chef’s hat making tea with balls. The image shows a teapot with tea being poured into a pitcher with black balls in the background. This is called bubble tea, a drink that has become popular in recent years by mixing classic flavors with syrups and different touches of bubbles.

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Today’s doodle is a celebration of an animation created by Google to celebrate the drink. The drawing, made for YouTube in 2020, is all in black and white and features the little fox showing his skill in making the drink, like a true expert. See below:

Bubble tea was invented in tea shops in Taichung, Taiwan, way back in the 17th century. With the influx of Taiwanese immigrants, the drink became known abroad, allowing an adaptation of the original bubble tea. There are even stores that are completely specialized in selling bubble tea, bringing unusual mixtures and additions.

bubble tea game

The animation also works as a small game. By clicking on the play button, the user is guided to a specific browser screen in which an introduction shows the fox parking his little shop in the middle of the forest. The player is then invited to create their own bubble tea.

You need to create the tea in three basic steps, noting the white dashed lines as a boundary. The first step is to place the balls, then you will complete them with tea. The final part is the syrup and a good shake of everything, followed by a straw to consume the fresh drink.

Each of the five customers likes the drink in a different way, so you’ll need to put in the exact amount to please them. The more accurate the dosage of items, the more rating stars you will earn in the minigame.

What is Bubble Tea?

Bubble tea has been successful in the United States and Europe for some time, but it has invaded malls and stores in Brazil in recent years. The drink is also known as boba tea and pearl milk tea. Most recipes are based on a mixture with fruit or milk: honeydew, matcha, raspberry or mocha are more classic examples. The balls that cause the bubble effect are usually made from fruit jelly or tapioca sago.

The flavor varies for almost every type of palate, going through the more aromatic flavor of traditional herbs, going through the spicy and even the sweet aspect. The most common is cold consumption, especially in a tropical country like Brazil, but some places can also serve it hot.