What are metadinhas on Instagram and how to use them on yours

What are metadinhas on Instagram and how to use them on yours

Instagram metadinhas are an option for the feed or profile picture of two people. This technique consists of dividing a photo into two (or more) parts and posting them on the social network — as a result, the two contents form a whole image when viewed together.

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The technique is often used to publish photos on Instagram as a carousel or as a mosaic that organizes the feed. On the other hand, many couples use this feature in their profile photo: when opening each person’s account, it is possible to see the result of joining the two halves. Learn how to use metadinhas in each situation.

How to use a metadinha in the Instagram feed

First, it is necessary to divide the photo into smaller parts, which will be published separately on Instagram. Image editors like Canva and Photoshop do this job and transform a rectangular image into square parts, suitable for the social media feed.

After separating the content into two halves, just publish it with these steps:

  • Open Instagram and tap the “+” icon to start a feed post;
  • Post the last part of the image first. As the photos in the feed are moved to the right with each new publication, it is necessary to start the metadinha at the end;
  • Then follow the same path and post the other half of the photo to the feed. Open the profile to check the result.
  • It is also possible to publish the metadinhas as a carousel on Instagram — and there it is possible to divide an image into up to ten parts, since this is the limit of a carousel. In that case, create a post and tap “Add multiple” to insert the sequence photos. When someone swipes over the post, they can view the full picture.

    How to use a metadinha on your Instagram profile picture

    Split photos can also be used by couples for their profile picture. After separating a couple image into two parts, each person can use it to illustrate the Instagram account. In this way, when opening both profiles, both halves complement each other.

    It is worth resorting to social networks to find inspiration for metadinhas. When searching for the term on Pinterest and Twitter, for example, many accounts already make separate montages available. Just save and insert in the profile.