Volvo EX30 already has a date to arrive and launch will be global

Volvo EX30 already has a date to arrive and launch will be global

Volvo has confirmed that it will unveil the all-new Volvo EX30 on June 15th. The 100% electric SUV will be the entry point for the Swedish brand and should make the zero-emission car market even hotter, as it should have a very aggressive launch price – including Brazil.

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Information about the launch date of the EX30 was given by Volvo CEO Jim Rowan in an interview with Wheels. In the conversation, the executive also confirms that the company has plans to develop an electric minivan, but that it should focus its efforts on the EX90, the electric SUV of the XC90, and the EX30.

For Rowan, the EX30 should reach a younger audience that is passionate about technology, as the electric SUV should maintain the characteristics of Volvo vehicles, with great safety and driver assistance equipment, but with a more youthful footprint, with a futuristic design. is nice.

What will the Volvo EX30 look like?

Little is known about the Volvo EX30 in technical terms, but FreeGameGuide obtained some relevant information about the SUV from a market and size point of view. It is already known that the EX30 will be positioned below the XC40 and C40, but its size will not be that much smaller than the current entry model of the Swedish brand.

Volvo’s idea, at least in Brazil, is to make the EX30 have a competitive price and that it can not only be the best-selling electric car in the country, but that it can also take customers of combustion models established in the national market, like the more expensive variants of the Jeep Compass, for example.

With that in mind, we can expect the Volvo EX30 to compete with models like the Peugeot e-2008, Nissan Leaf and even the Chevrolet Bolt EUV, which also arrives in Brazil in 2023, priced between R$ 250,000 and R$ 300,000 .

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