Venom and Spider-Man 3 spin-offs revealed in Insomniac leak


The Insomniac Games data leak is real and could have devastating results for the studio, as practically all of its plans beyond 2030 have been revealed on the internet. One of these secrets is the existence of a spin-off centered on Venom, in addition to the confirmation of the release window for Marvel’s Spider-Man 3.

According to data leaked on the internet, Insomniac Games has six new projects in its plans at various stages of development. While some appear to be already in an advanced stage of production, others have not even begun to be planned, with a launch date expected in 2032.

Venom spin-off and new Spider-Man

One of the most impressive details from the leak is that Logan’s adventure will not be Insomniac Games’ next game. While the mutant game is scheduled for release in 2026, another title is expected to arrive in fiscal year 2025: Marvel’s Venom.

O spin-off them Marvel’s Spider-Man 2 it would already be in production within the studio, corroborating comments from developers during the launch of the Spider game, who stated that they were keeping an eye on the public’s reactions about the possibility of a game based on the character.

There are no further details about the project, such as its history or gameplay information, as was the case with Marvel’s Wolverine. Another important information is related to the third Spider-Man game.

After a considerable hook for a sequel, it was already expected that a new Spider game would be produced. With the leak, we know that this title is planned for release in 2028.

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It is worth remembering that these dates are the studio’s plans, which have not even officially announced the titles to the public. Therefore, they may be subject to change, something quite common in the industry, but these plans already show more or less where game production is going.

Understand the leak

According to the VGC website, approximately 1.67 TB of data containing sensitive information about Insomniac Games projects was leaked onto the internet by hackers who entered the studio’s servers and left ransomware asking for US$2 million. As the amount was not paid, the data ended up being exposed.

Game secrets like Marvel’s Wolverine were revealed to the public, such as the game’s entire story, characters, voice cast, gameplay videos, concept art and even budget and contract information, as well as a test build that can be run on a PS5 development kit fell on the internet. Other games, like a new Rachet & Clank were unceremoniously revealed.

So far, Insomniac Games and Sony have not commented on the matter.