Valve explains that Steam Deck 2 has a “roadmap” to follow


In a new interview, Valve designer Yazan Aldehayyat revealed that Steam Deck 2 has a “roadmap” to follow. This comes from the fact that the upcoming changes are very clear, and the team understands the future needs to optimize the console.

The information was given in an interview with Axios, in which Yazan highlighted what other designers have already commented: the Steam Deck 2 will only be released when necessary. Also highlighting that the Steam Deck OLED was needed, in the same way that they think the next version will be needed one day.

“The Steam Deck is being successful enough now that game developers have come to us before the game launches, sharing with us a version of their game saying, ‘Hey, we want this game to work better on the Steam Deck. You can Help us?’ We do that, obviously”, highlighted Yazan Aldehayyat about the evolution of the Steam Deck.

Finally, Yazan also revealed that the launch of a Steam Deck with new colors is in Valve’s plans. A first colorful version is now available, with the Limited Edition Steam Deck OLED, with orange details and a translucent body that shows a little more of the internal circuitry.

The Steam Deck OLED is now available for purchase on Valve’s official website. Remembering that it is not yet available in Brazil, so it is only possible to acquire it through import.

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Source: Axios