Upgrading Windows 11 will be much less time consuming

Upgrading Windows 11 will be much less time consuming

Updating Windows 11 can become a much less time-consuming process. In the notes of a recent build, Microsoft revealed that the .NET update and the optional January package will arrive together with the 22H2 version of the operating system, a change that, in practice, will allow installing updates by restarting the PC only once.

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The package includes a number of changes for Windows Insiders who are subscribed to the Release Preview channel. The newly released build is identified as Windows 11 Build 22621.1192 (KB5022360) and is accompanied by a .NET framework update.

By making updates easier to install, MS seeks to attract more users to Windows 11. A shorter installation process gives the feel of a more mature and robust system, as well as making the procedure significantly faster (especially on machines equipped with hard drives).

Making the migration to Win 11 more inviting is a huge task for Microsoft these days as it drops support for Windows 7 and Windows 8.1 and begins to wave goodbye to Windows 10. The latest operating system will be the main product of the company in the segment, but it is important that users of previous versions feel attracted to adopt it.

update changes

In addition to the tweak that should make installs faster, the latest build also fixes a plethora of issues in Windows 11.

  • Fixed issue affecting searchindexer.exe. buf caused the process to prevent the user from randomly logging in or out of the account
  • Fixed a bug that prevented the user from searching for a file based on its contents.
  • Fixed an issue affecting images found by the Taskbar search tool

imminent launch

The Release Preview channel is the last stage of testing before a Windows 11 build is finally released to the general public. Therefore, the update in question should be released to the general public soon – there is no exact date confirmed, however.