Unfortunate Night | Violent Santa Claus Christmas Movie Might Get A Sequel

Unfortunate Night |  Violent Santa Claus Christmas Movie Might Get A Sequel

The action film Unfortunate Night, which brought a violent Christmas story to theaters, has a sequel almost confirmed. The film stars David Harbor and follows the dangerous life of Santa Claus.

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According to the film’s director, Tommy Wirkola, Unfortunate Night 2 is in the works with screenwriters Pat Casey and Josh Miller. “We’re talking about and just making deals and getting everything in order,” Wirkola said, adding that there’s still plenty of time to decide the future of the franchise.

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Universal Pictures, responsible for the film, has not yet commented on the possible sequel, so there is still no way to confirm if it will actually happen. The film brought a differentiated Christmas story, betting on action and violence with a touch of humor.

unhappy night

In Silent Night, David Harbour, who gained worldwide fame thanks to the character Jim Hopper in Stranger Things, plays Santa Claus. The plot shows that the character was a Viking before becoming the “adorable” being who distributes gifts to children on Christmas Eve.

The film takes place during one of the deliveries, when the house is being invaded by kidnappers. So, to protect the child there, Santa Claus decides to stay and face the criminals, leading to several scenes of beatings, shootings and blood.

If the sequel is confirmed, there are high chances that the film will focus on the origins of Santa Claus, something we only see in flashes in the first film. The writers could also fit this story into a new violent Christmas adventure, delivering the truth about the character in small doses and yielding a potential franchise.

Unfortunate Night is not yet available on streaming platforms.