UK to air first TV show featuring deepfakes

UK to air first TV show featuring deepfakes

The humorous Deep Fake Neighbor Wars will premiere on the ITV channel in the United Kingdom in January 2023 and will be the first television program in the world to use the deepfake feature – a technology that uses artificial intelligence to change people’s faces.

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Described as the first long-form narrative show to use the technology, the show will be produced by Tiger Aspect Productions in partnership with Studio Neural, which is tasked with applying the innovation.

The program’s script will feature fakes of artists such as Tom Holland, Beyoncé, Ariana Grande and Nicki Minaj. In addition to them, the team is completed by Rihanna, Adele, Kim Kardashian, Jay Z, Olivia Colman, Stormzy and football player Harry Kane.

According to Spencer Jones, creator of the program, the use of deepfake is still very limited and somewhat precarious. Actors cannot, for example, cover their faces or express a deeper look, as these movements are not captured by the technology. Barney Francis, head of Studio Neural, also commented on the matter:

“We are developing new automated tools, but it is a long way from being a fully automated process. It still needs human intelligence as much as artificial intelligence.

You still have to squeeze as much detail into the texture and all that stuff, and that takes years of experience and human intelligence to do. It will take years before there are automated processes that can reach 4K [ultra HD] like this.”

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What will the Deep Fake Neighbor Wars program look like?

The show’s premise is to bring together a bunch of celebrities — or people whose faces will be replaced by celebrities — living in the same neighborhood and portraying them in common routines. It is by exploring the ordinary of everyday life that the program intends to get a good laugh out of the public.

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When does Deep Fake Neighbor Wars premiere?

The comedy premieres on January 26th on ITV in the UK. Here in Brazil, there is still no channel or streaming that will broadcast it.