Twitter will have ad-free subscription plan, reveals Musk

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Elon Musk used his official profile and post as CEO of Twitter to announce the launch of a subscription plan that completely removes advertising from the social network. Although there is no information on the price, it is expected that the novelty will be more expensive than the current Twitter Blue, whose focus is on extra features and the blue seal.

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The aim of the possible new plan is to rid the user of one of the most annoying things about any social network: ads. The current price paid in the regular subscription of US$ 8 (about R$ 40 in direct conversion) is not enough to overcome the costs raised with online advertising, so Musk already had the idea of ​​creating a “more pumped” alternative to Blue.

Even the higher subscription price paid for iOS and Android ($11) does not cover the per-user costs of currently displayed advertising. In the case of mobile app stores, the highest amount refers to taxation of up to 30% on sales, which does not occur in subscriptions through the browser.

Twitter needs ads

The billionaire owner of Twitter has always complained about the huge amount of ads displayed, but he understood its importance when he became head of the platform. The social network’s main source of income comes from advertisers, with more than half of the big players jumping ship since Musk took over, so the situation seems to be kind of critical there.

Creating yet another subscription model can reduce dependence on advertising funds, but it comes up against the lack of attraction for the user. Would a Blue subscriber be willing to spend a few extra dollars to avoid the ads? It will only be known when the “ads free plan” becomes available.

Twitter is still working on extra solutions to convince people that subscribing to Blue is a good choice, such as 4,000-character tweets and support for uploading videos of up to 60 minutes. Last week, Passarinho Azul launched an annual plan that gives a discount of up to 36% for those who pay all at once.

There is no release date for the optimized subscription model. Here in Brazil, not even the original Twitter Blue arrived, so it’s hard to think that the ad-free plan will arrive here.