Twitter will allow setting chronological feed as default in the app

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Twitter will allow you to set the chronological feed (the “Following” tab) as the homepage of the app, announced Elon Musk. The addition resolves one of the main complaints from users about the tabbed feed similar to TikTok, a change implemented in early January.

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“The next Twitter update will remember if you were in the “For you” tab (i.e. [com conteúdo] recommended”, “Following” or “List” that you made and will stop returning to recommended tweets”, announced the owner of Twitter. He did not give any predictions on when the update will be released.

In early January, Twitter split the feed into “For You” and “Following” tabs. In the first section, Twitter displays publications based on relevance, with recommendations made by algorithm, while the second shows posts from followed profiles in chronological order, without platform additions.

Since Twitter implemented the tabbed feed, users have criticized the platform’s insistence on returning to the “For You” tab every time the app is restarted. Before the feed change, it was possible to control the display order of tweets based on relevance or in chronological order without needing a one-time pass.

In addition to always returning to the last opened tab, Twitter will allow you to rearrange the position of the tabs to improve navigation.

automatic translations

In another publication, Elon Musk announced that Twitter will automatically translate publications from other countries and languages ​​into the feed. “In the coming months, Twitter will translate and recommend great tweets from people from other countries and cultures,” said the billionaire.

“There are epic tweets from other countries every day (especially from Japan),” he added. “Tweets will be translated before being recommended,” concluded Musk.

Currently, tweets can be translated by clicking on the “Translate Tweet” button attached to all posts whose language is different from the user’s preference. The difference, however, is that the adaptation would happen automatically.

While not a major change, it should enhance the Twitter experience and minimize the language barrier between users around the world. It is not known when it will be implemented, however.