Twitter launches new API and promises more agility in the release of news

Twitter launches new API and promises more agility in the release of news

Twitter could gain significant changes soon. That's because the company released the new version of its API, giving more tools for developers to create resources within the social network.

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An API is a programming interface for applications, used by third-party companies to create resources for other apps. The old Twitter API was tightly closed and allowed few possibilities for developers. The new interface arrives to change that and allow developers to work on solutions that target the platform more quickly. Still, the company also wants to put more flexible and scalable possibilities for the API.

"We always knew that our developer ecosystem was diverse, but our API has always been the same for everyone," said the company.

One of the main challenges for this is to combine openness for developers with a system that is still safe for the user. Because of this, Twitter has changed the way of accessing your data. Previously, there were three different levels of security for different partners. There are now multiple levels of access, making it easy for multiple developers to adapt.

Twitter had plans to launch the new API earlier this year, but it backed off after its system was hacked. The novelty is now available to developers. "This is just the beginning," promised the company.