Twitter Blue finally comes to Android, but more expensive than PC

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Twitter Blue is finally available on the Android app. The subscription reaches users of the Google system at the same price as iOS, US$ 11 (R$ 58, in direct conversion), probably to compensate for the Play Store commission charge.

  • Twitter Blue gets an annual subscription with a discount of up to 36%
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Details about the subscription were posted on the Twitter Blue “About” page. There, the company priced the package in all countries where the service is available: Canada, Australia, United States, United Kingdom, New Zealand and Japan (no others were added to the list).

Initially, Twitter Blue was released exclusively on iOS. The program was taken off the air after creating a mess of fake accounts and putting Twitter in the crosshairs of judicial bodies. The service was relaunched in December, along with a new system of colored verification stamps.

The reworked version of Twitter Blue brings all the original advantages of the service plus the features announced by Elon Musk: subscribers earn the blue verification seal next to their name, can edit tweets, try out features under development, apply different themes to the interface and customize the app icon (iOS only).

Twitter Blue more expensive on Android

As with iOS, Twitter Blue on Android is more expensive compared to PC. The service costs US$ 3 more than the base value, US$ 8 (R$ 40). The difference in the price of the service must be a measure to compensate for the loss with the 30% commission from the Play Store.

Android users could already hire the service (and have the long-awaited verification stamp linked to the account) through the browser — including, paying less. Therefore, the novelty of the time is just the possibility of contracting the subscription directly through the mobile app.

Service remains unavailable in Brazil

Currently, Twitter Blue is unavailable in Brazil. The service cannot be contracted by Brazilian users and there is no prediction of when it will be launched in the country.