Tron may win new film with Jared Leto in the lead role

Tron may win new film with Jared Leto in the lead role

A new Tron film appears to be on the way, contrary to cancellation rumors. According to the Deadline website, Disney rescued the idea of ​​​​the sequel and would even have decided on the title and its new protagonist. With that, he would be called Tron: Ares and would have none other than actor Jared Leto in the lead role.

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The page also says that the production would not be a reboot, but a direct sequel to the first Tron, from 1982, and also to Tron: The Legacy, released by Disney in 2010. The direction of this third chapter would be under the care of Joachim Rønning, responsible for the medium Maleficent: Mistress of Evil.

So far, the studio has not confirmed the information. However, the most interesting thing about this rumor is that it resurrects a movie that had been canceled for some time. So much so that, in 2022, director Joseph Kosinski said that the script for this third chapter of the franchise was finished in 2015, but that the purchases of Marvel and Star Wars made Casa do Mickey shelve the project and that, for this reason, the film would have been cancelled.

According to Kosinski, at the time he filmed Tron: Legacy, the series was the only major fantasy and science fiction property Disney had on hand. That way, with the billionaire acquisitions, the studio no longer needed Tron to fill that gap.

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This is why the emergence of information about Tron: Ares becomes so surprising. Especially because these initial details show that the idea is to take the franchise in a different direction than Kosinski had proposed in the past. The original project was for this third film to be called Tron: Ascension and to show video games invading the real world, reversing the logic of previous features.

And although Tron: Ares does not have a synopsis released so far, the name change may indicate a significant change in the project. However, confirmation should only come when (and if) the film is made official.

Source: Deadline