Toyota converts 1980s classic into zero-emissions versions

Toyota converts 1980s classic into zero-emissions versions

Toyota continues to work to show solutions towards the decarbonization of its car fleet. The Japanese giant took advantage of the Tokyo Motor Show to show two special units of the classic Toyota GT-S sports car from the 1980s, converted into zero-emission models: one 100% electric and the other powered by hydrogen.

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The company understands that it will be difficult to reach a carbon-free fleet by 2050, its internal target. Therefore, the strategy, it seems, will be to transform existing cars into zero emission models. To do so, Toyota must retrofit already advanced production and development models.

In the case of the GT-S, the automaker took advantage of the powertrain of the Toyota Mirai to create the AE86 H2 concept, while for the creation of the AE86 BEV, an engine from the hybrid Tundra pickup was used, added to a battery from the most advanced version of the Prius.

Toyota, previously considered the pioneer in electrification with the creation of the Toyota Prius itself, today seems to be a company without a clearly defined strategy for this market, which is growing more and more in the automotive industry. For now, the automaker has presented only one 100% electric model for production, the bZ4X, a mid-size SUV.

Even without revealing relevant performance data for the converted GT-S, Toyota explained that it managed to maintain the level of passion for the cars for its fans even by changing the engines to zero emission versions. And for those who know this type of thruster, they know that this is perfectly possible, since the torque comes immediately and many components make the maintenance of these thrusters simpler.

The retrofit of existing models seems to be a reality in the future of the company. How this will be done is still a mystery.

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