The Pastor and the Guerrilla: National film hits theaters this week; meet

The Pastor and the Guerrilla: National film hits theaters this week;  meet

The national film O Pastor e o Guerrilheiro already has a confirmed premiere date: it hits theaters on January 26 to tell a story of overcoming, friendship and struggle against the horrors of the Brazilian Military Dictatorship. Directed by José Eduardo Belmonte (Alemão), the feature was screened at the Rio Film Festival in 2022, at the 50th Festival de Gramado and at the 43rd International Film Festival held in São Paulo.

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Set in 1968, the plot accompanies the young communist João, who leaves the university and goes to a guerrilla in the Amazon. There, he is arrested, tortured and sent to a prison in Brasilia. In prison, he meets Zacchaeus, an evangelical who was arrested by mistake. Together, the two face the horrors of the Military Dictatorship and end up creating a bond of friendship and complicity.

About to be released, the young people agree to meet 27 years later, in the year 2000, at midnight on December 31, at the TV Tower in Brasília, but João dies in a car accident in 1990.

Going forward a little in time and going to 1999, the film shows an old army colonel committing suicide and leaving part of his inheritance to Juliana, his bastard daughter, the result of his relationship with a maid.

Through a book found in her father’s house, Juliana discovers that he was the torturer of João and Zaqueu in the past and that the boys had arranged a meeting for the following year. Now, she will go after Zacchaeus and the meeting he expected will have a different outcome.

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What to expect from The Shepherd and the Guerrilla?

Produced by Nilson Rodrigues, written by Josefina Trotta and inspired by a true story by José Eduardo Belmonte, O Pastor e o Guerrilheiro will bring an exciting story about one of the darkest periods of Brazilian politics. The public can, therefore, expect a lot of drama and a plot that makes them reflect on the absurdities that occurred between the years 1964 to 1985.

In an interview to the press, director Belmonte commented on the importance of the work:

“The film is good for us to understand our history and shows the moment of two people who were very divergent, but who in the name of democracy found a common point”.

Who is in the cast of O Pastor e o Guerrilheiro?

Filmed in Tocantins, on the banks of the Araguaia River, and in Brasília, O Pastor e o Guerrilheiro will feature Johnny Massaro, Julia Dalavia, Cássia Kis, Túlio Starling, William Costa, Antônio Grassi, Gabriela Corrêa, among others.

Caetano Curi is the executive producer and Bárbara Alvarez is the director of photography.

When and where to watch O Pastor e o Guerrilheiro?

If you were excited about the new Brazilian film, we have good news: O Pastor e o Guerrilheiro opens on Thursday, January 26th. You can guarantee your entry at