The Nanny: Queen of Death has teaser, premiere date and images released

The Nanny: Queen of Death has teaser, premiere date and images released

The Nanny was an excellent Netflix gift for horror fans and, ending as it ended, the sequel was nothing short of expected: get ready for Nanny 2, which is again directed by McG and is already in post-production . Now, Netflix has revealed the first promotional materials through Twitter.

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In the first tweet, Netflix released the teaser and in it we can see that the aesthetics of the first film is being maintained, in addition to knowing the release date and the official title, which is The Babysitter – Killer Queen. In the description, Netflix shared the following message: “I heard that you like to cause confusion? Well, fasten your seat belts, kids. The Babysitter: Killer Queen is coming to Netflix on September 10! ”

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In a second tweet, “a small preview of all the chaos” was released, with four images in which we can see new characters, in addition to Judah Lewis replaying his role as Cole. Samara Weaving, the nanny for the first film, has not been confirmed and it seems that she should not return in the sequel, although there are still hopes that she will make at least one cameo.

In Brazil, the sequel arrives with the title The Babysitter: Queen of Death and the Netflix landing page here still contains the synopsis in English, in which we can read the following “Two years after Cole survived a bloodthirsty Satanic cult, he is living another nightmare: high school. And the demons from your past? Still making your life hell ”. For those who don't want to miss the premiere, just access the title on Netflix and click on the "Remember" button.