The Last of Us 2 will get a PS5 version in 2024, says rumor

Divulgação/Naughty Dog

A new rumor indicates that The Last of Us: Parte 2 It will finally have its PlayStation 5 version released in 2024. For those who don’t know, the current game available on the console is an optimized version for the PlayStation 4.

On X, journalist @Bate81 said that “The Last of Us Part II Remastered will be released in early 2024”, as Sony sent the request codes for the next steps. However, this only applies to the PlayStation 5 version, as there is no information on the PC version.

The big difference with the native version of PlayStation 5 will be the quality, as it will make better use of the console’s technologies, which are much superior to the previous generation. This may cause a drop in performance, but as these are consoles, which tend to set the FPS, this will not be a problem.

With this rumor, it is possible that we will see the announcement of The Last of Us: Parte 2 of PlayStation 5 during The Game Awards 2023, which takes place on December 7th. As Naughty Dog will be present at the celebration, it is possible that we will see the traditional World Premiere at the event.

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