The 10 most watched series of the week (01/22/2023)

The 10 most watched series of the week (01/22/2023)

The list of most watched series of the week is coming up with a novelty in the midst of plots that are already hitting cards around here. Velma, original animation from HBO Max and based on the Scooby-Doo saga, barely debuted on the streaming platform and has already been in high demand.

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Among the already recurring names in the ranking are A Casa do Dragão, The White Lotus and the return of Ruptura, one of the most successful series of 2022. The drama Ginny & Georgia also enters the list once again alongside Kaleidoscope, both from Netflix, as well as The Bear, available on Star+

Before checking the complete ranking, it is worth remembering that there is no service that does the precise Reviews of the minutes played by each viewer in Brazil. However, with data from Just Watch, a movie and series search tool, it is possible to observe which titles are most sought after by Brazilians.

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10. Velma

The tenth place in this week’s ranking has a premiere: the animation Velma. The series is based on the character of the same name from the Scooby-Doo franchise, a successful animation that also features live-action films that are much loved by fans.

Velma can be watched on HBO Max.

9. Abbott Elementary

The comedy Abbott Elementary has been featured in the international media, including winning major awards. Around here, the series is starting to be better known and is frequently conquering its space in the most watched ranking of the week.

Abbott Elementary is available on Star+.

8. Ginny & Georgia

The release of the second season of Ginny & Georgia, Netflix’s teen drama, has also ensured the series’ presence on the list. The new episodes have been released all at once and are ready for a good marathon.

Ginny & Georgia has two seasons available on Netflix.

7. Yellowstone

The Yellowstone series conquers the most watched ranking of the week for the second consecutive time, following the premiere of the new season. As episodes are being released gradually, the plot may remain on the list for a few more weeks.

You can watch Yellowstone on Paramount+.

6. The House of the Dragon

The House of the Dragon series has come to an end for a long time, but it continues to betray the attention of HBO Max subscribers and Game of Thrones fans. The first season had 10 episodes, and the second is already more than confirmed to happen, but the premiere should still take a while.

The House of the Dragon is available on HBO Max.

5. Kaleidoscope

Kaleidoscope premiered on Netflix with a different proposal, attracting even more subscriber curiosity. The series allows episodes to be watched in any order, as it makes no difference in understanding the story.

The first season of Kaleidoscope can be watched on Netflix.

4. Rupture

The Ruptura series, one of the most renowned of 2022, returned to the most watched list. The Apple TV+ production was so successful that it remained in the ranking for several months, and the turn of the year seems to have brought more visibility to the production, as a new season should arrive soon.

Breakthrough is an Apple TV+ original series.

3. The White Lotus

The White Lotus is present again on the list of most watched series of the week, showing that the hype of Mike White’s plot has not yet passed. Season 2 gained even more prominence among fans, yielding several comments and memes on social networks.

Both seasons of The White Lotus can be watched on HBO Max.

2. The Bear

After starting to be successful at the awards and starting to be talked about in Brazil, the Brazilian viewer is insisting on finally getting to know the series O Urso. Each week, the plot is gaining a higher position on the list.

The Bear is available for one season on Star+.

1. Wandinha

The first place goes to Wandinha, a series starring Jenna Ortega that debuted in November on Netflix. Since it arrived on the streaming platform, the plot has been guaranteeing a good space in the ranking of the most watched of the week.

You can watch the first season of Wandinha on Netflix.