Test shows integrated Meteor Lake graphics running Dying Light 2

Montagem/Techland e Intel

In a new demonstration made by Intel, a notebook with Meteor Lake, the Intel Core Ultra, was shown running Dying Light 2 Stay Human only with the processor’s Intel Arc integrated graphics and Xe Super Sampling (XeSS) technology.

In the video, the performance of a notebook with the same configurations are placed side by side, but one of them using the native configuration at 1080p and the other with XeSS technology activated at 720p, which was able to achieve between 50% and 80% more of FPS (Frames per Second). The most surprising thing is that even in the native configuration, the notebook can run Dying Light 2a game that usually requires a 6GB NVIDIA GeForce RTX 2060 GPU in recommendations.

Furthermore, the notebook’s TDP during the game was extremely low and, during the demonstration, it did not reach 30W of consumption in native mode or with XeSS turned on — showing more of the energy efficiency of the Intel Core Ultra processors.

The first notebooks with Intel Core Ultra’s Meteor Lake will hit the market on December 14, bringing energy efficiency, an artificial intelligence chip and integrated Intel Arc graphics. More details about devices with the new Intel processor will be revealed in the future.

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