Tesla faces flooding in the US and Elon Musk jokes: “Water car”

Tesla faces flooding in the US and Elon Musk jokes: "Water car"

Elon Musk, CEO of Tesla, recently joked that the Cybertruck, the brand’s expected electric pickup, could even act as a boat, and his phrase inspired a fan of the automaker to patent electric motors for non-terrestrial vehicles in Tesla’s name.

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Now, a video circulating on the internet, liked and commented on by Musk himself, shows that even the brand’s traditional cars are good on the water. At least not to leave the driver in hot water.

The publication on the social network has just over 40 seconds, and does not show exactly where the fact occurred. What is visible is that a Tesla car ignores the presence of a Fox news team at the place where a flood occurred and advances with the car through the waters.

The car, which appears to be a Model S, accelerates until its tires are completely covered by water, slows to a stop, apparently after encountering an obstacle, backs up a little and moves forward again, leaving the flood on the opposite side where the team is. reporters and some onlookers passing by.

“Water car”

The unusual situation in which a Tesla car was involved went viral to the point of drawing the attention of the company’s CEO. Elon Musk, who has always been an active Twitter user, even before becoming the owner of the social network, joked about the good performance of the vehicle in the middle of the waters.

“The Water Car,” wrote Musk, retweeting a post from the @WholeMarsBlog profile and paving the way for a series of good-natured replies to his comment, all joking about Tesla’s ‘car/boat’.