TCL C635 Review | The 4K smart TV with 120 Hz differentiated

TCL C635 Review |  The 4K smart TV with 120 Hz differentiated

The TCL C635 smart TV — or TCL 55C635, in the case of the 55-inch model analyzed — arrives as an intermediate product that aims to deliver more benefits than cost to its target audience. With a 4K resolution screen, the quality goes beyond the size of the pixels embedded in the display.

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That’s because the manufacturer chose to provide the 120 Hz refresh rate with its own technology. Thus, the promise is that the public will have the feeling of playing or watching movies with an even more fluid frequency, and improved response time.

Furthermore, the presence of the Google TV system makes the interface the most complete on the market, as it guarantees access to any streaming service. But, is it worth buying the C635? Check out the answer in the full review.

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  • Google TV
  • Two TV feet placement options
  • Keyboard shortcuts built into the controller
  • Image quality


  • Google TV setup process
  • Power source opposite the other connectors

design and build

The visual part of the TCL C635 does not have many differentials compared to competing models. On the front, I see a big plus point for the fact that the manufacturer has opted for thin edges to prioritize the display.

On the back, there are connections in the VESA pattern that allow the TV to be fitted on supports so that you don’t have to rely only on the standard support. The feet are plastic, and need 4 screws — 2 on each — to be fitted.

Something interesting that this television has is the possibility of screwing the feet more spaced at the ends of the TV, or in the middle with the centralized fittings. On the back are all the TV’s inputs, lined up sideways so that the plug is more comfortable.

Remote Control

The remote control brings what is essential for daily use, but its size makes ergonomics not its forte. By not delivering the number keys, it no longer makes sense for the accessory to be so large.

The power of the equipment is via AAA batteries — toothpicks —, and this format follows a standard used by most manufacturers. However, it would be interesting to see another more sustainable option in use, such as Samsung’s SolarCell.

In addition to using shortcuts in TV and system settings, there are six buttons that work independently for different streams. In it, we have: Netflix, Prime Video, Globoplay, Disney +, YouTube and TCL Channel, which provides free programming for the user to depend even less on the antenna.

The physical part of the TCL C635 has few attractive details, but the almost borderless screen is one of the most interesting elements that the brand could apply to this model. It’s great to see a company that sells televisions that follows the standard of the category in every detail of its construction.

— Jucyber


TCL got it right when it came to inserting all TV connections in the side area, as it facilitates use when the product is attached to a panel on the wall. However, it was wrong to keep the energy input on the opposite side, as this greatly impairs the organization of the cables.

A big improvement that manufacturers brought to smart TVs was the HDMI 2.1 connection. Fortunately, all ports present on the TCL C635 are in this format, and this ensures full compatibility with PlayStation 5 and Xbox Series S|X consoles.

So games that support 120Hz screens will play at that frequency. It is important to note that one of the inputs has ARC/eARC, and this allows the use of more advanced audio technology standards, such as Dolby Atmos, which is present on this TV. In addition to these connections, the television has a few more additional ports. That are:

  • 1x USB 2.0;
  • 1x USB 3.0;
  • 1x Antenna;
  • 1x RJ-45;
  • 1x Digital audio;
  • 1x AV Adapter;
  • 1x Auxiliary (for headphone).


Like other C line models, the TCL C635 also has a QLED panel. With this, the image quality provided by the display has welcome improvements in the category of intermediate smart TVs.

It is important to highlight that this television is a 55-inch 4K, but it also has a refresh rate of 120 Hz. However, the technology is a little different from the standard to offer more quality in high frequency images.

This is 120 Hz-DLG (Dual Line Gate) technology. This unique TCL feature makes images play back at low latency. Soon, the blurs that could disturb the visualization of environments at a higher speed, as in games, are extinct.

Overall, the television is great at everything it sets out to do. Obviously it’s not perfect, but it has a good level of brightness, the contrast is coherent, it lacks depth in the blacks, but this is compensated by the immersive sharpness.

Something that may displease the most attentive is related to the lighting points on the screen. At several times, I noticed dissonance in the distribution of light. This made the top part of the screen darker, the middle to the expected level, and the bottom part lighter than necessary.

Saturation is not very pleasant when the picture mode is set to “Standard”. However, this is resolved by activating the “SmartHDR” option, as it improves color reproduction to make them more vivid.

The TCL C635 screen surprised me, as it delivers a lot of quality in its 4K resolution. The coolest thing is that the field of view of the content displayed on the display is wide, and this allows me to see the movie clearly, even sitting sideways to the TV, without the shading that bothers some televisions.

— Jucyber

Operational system

With the presence of Google TV, the C635 gains a more user-friendly interface for those who are used to using the search giant’s system on their cell phones. The layout has a smart organization, as it keeps the most used apps as a priority.

Furthermore, the software learns from your taste in entertainment and starts recommending equivalent content. These are just some of the qualities that Google TV delivers, as well as compatibility with all available streaming applications.

The biggest stress of using a smart TV with Google TV is the system setup process. In addition to the almost infinite steps required to get to the interface, installing apps makes the time needed for the television to be ready for use to be high.

That’s because it takes, on average, 1 hour to do so. However, there may be a variation for less — or more — depending on the number of streaming applications selected on the initial settings page.

Although the system performs well, I feel it could be better. At various times, I felt crashes in the interface. Consequently, access to some apps was performed seconds after I clicked, or even the directional arrow went to another streaming option, and this caused a lot of confusion in navigation.


TCL C635 has 2 speakers, totaling 20 W, developed in partnership with ONKYO. In practice, this delivers more clarity in the audio, as well as balance in the sound. On the other hand, I notice that the absence of a bigger output hinders the bass reproduction, and the mids stand out more than the other frequencies.

The volume, even at 100%, doesn’t bother you to the point of having to turn it down to enjoy the content. This is a negative point, as it is related to the maximum power of the device.

For those who intend to have the TV and have the living room connected to the dining room, for example, the use will be a little more complicated. You won’t be able to clearly hear anything that’s playing on the television while you’re eating. For those who are in the habit of enjoying this way, they will quickly realize how low the volume is.

direct competitors

Among the TV options on the market, the LG QNED80SQA can be considered one of the best options to face the TCL C635. The screen has the same technology, but in the South Korean brand it is called QNED.

But, in practice, the Mini LEDs allow for great color fidelity, and the display also has 4K resolution and a frequency of 120 Hz. This is just another demonstration of how much LG invests in more advanced panels in terms of visual experience.

Therefore, the TV features Dolby Vision IQ to ensure that Artificial Intelligence will adjust the images to the highest possible quality. However, when it comes to price, the LG QNED80SQA costs an average of R$ 3,800, which is R$ 1,200 higher than what TCL charges for the C635.

Is the TCL C635 a good 4K smart TV?

The TCL C635 has pluses and minuses, as do most televisions in its price range. However, a product that can be found for — on average — BRL 2,600 demonstrates that the manufacturer is focused. Therefore, it improves the amount of resources in each generation at an attractive price for most Brazilians.

Thanks to the presence of Google TV, the interface offers several tools and applications that are intuitive to use. On the other hand, the overall performance does not follow the same attractive pattern, as I experienced failures in the response time to commands several times.

Overall, the picture quality is good for the QLED TV category, the 120 Hz-DLG technology makes a difference in everyday use, and the sharpness of the images pleases. Obviously, the ONKYO sound could be better, but you can’t create many expectations without a subwoofer output to boost the bass, just like the TCL C835 has.

Even though the LG QNED80SQA brings attractive differentials and is a more relevant brand in the market, it is important to pay attention to what other manufacturers launch. And it is no coincidence that, currently, the TCL C635 has the best cost-effectiveness among mid-range smart TVs.

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