Stranger Things | Season 5 may have an undesirable character return

Stranger Things |  Season 5 may have an undesirable character return

The fifth season of Stranger Things will have the story of Will Byers (Noah Schnapp) as the central plot, and that means the possible return of an undesirable character: his father. The man was never present and even abandoned his family to live far away.

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With the final season focusing on Will, however, chances are the character will eventually die, especially since the entire Stranger Things story began when he was kidnapped by the Demogorgon. So, the end of the series should bring a big send-off.

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Why go back?

In the final episodes of the series, the group of young people will have to fight, once and for all, the Inverted World and its threats. Therefore, it is difficult to imagine a scenario in which the father, Loonie (Ross Patridge), is involved if not supposedly to say goodbye to his son.

Thinking about Loonie’s background, the character doesn’t deserve to return to the series. However, as Will’s end must be tragic, likely sacrificing himself to save the world, his arc needs to be well wrapped up. Soon, Loonie would return to Stranger Things to complement the character’s demise, not to be some sort of savior.

The character’s return should also affect Jonathan (Charlie Heaton), Will’s brother who is also the man’s son. A possible approximation must be more complicated with the older boy, since the brother’s and mother’s protective instinct is quite intense.

Vecna ​​can still take advantage of this fragility of the brothers in relation to their father and torment Will with painful memories of the family, just as was done with Max (Sadie Sink). The villain tortured the young woman with memories of her brother, Billy (Dacre Montgomery), who had died in season 3.

There is still no official synopsis released by Netflix for the fifth and final season of Stranger Things, which should only premiere in 2024. The recording of the final episodes begins in May of this year.