Steam tests function to hide game library from friends


A new function has arrived for Steam users who have the Steam Beta Update version, in which it is possible to hide some games from your friends list and the general public, making the games private.

The creator of SteamDB, Pavel Djundik, found this new feature in a recent platform update and published it on X (Twitter), showing the possibility of changing the game’s settings, opening the menu and selecting the “Mark as Private” option.

This function is in the testing phase and allows you to change the visibility of a game only to others, unlike “Hide game” which hides it even from you. It may not be a very useful function for traditional games, but anyone who has games with adult content will be able to take advantage of the function, which will not show the game even while playing with the friends list activated.

Activating Steam Beta

Steam Beta Update is an optional feature to test upcoming updates to the Steam client. As it is a test, it is important to highlight that instabilities may occur that the normal version does not have and that not all users receive the updates equally, as selected functions are sent to a small number of people.

That said, activate the Steam Beta Update by going to “Settings>Interface>Steam Client Beta Participation”. You will need to restart and log in again with your account, in addition to downloading the new platform packages. If you have many problems, you can return to the normal client using the same option.

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