Steam sets date to end support on Windows 7 and 8


Valve has revealed that Steam will no longer support Windows 7 and 8 operating systems (including 8.1) from January 1, 2024. As a result, the application will no longer have updates, including essential security updates, and no technical support through Steam Support.

Among the main recommendations is that users update their operating systems to a more recent one, be it Windows 10 or higher, which offers better platform usability and will continue to be supported by Valve. The main reason for this measure was Microsoft itself, which will also stop support for Windows 8 in January 2024, while Windows 7 has not been supported since 2020.

Valve also details that this measure aims to prevent attacks on its users’ accounts, as Windows 7 and 8 are very susceptible to malware breaches in general. Therefore, the company claims that it cannot offer protection for these systems through Steam if the operating system itself does not have minimum protection.

It is worth remembering that upgrading from Windows 10 to Windows 11 is still free, while upgrading from previous versions to Windows 10 is no longer free. It should be noted that pre-assembled computers and new notebooks usually have Windows 11 installed at the factory.

Don’t want to upgrade your PC now?

If you have no plans to upgrade or buy a new personal computer soon, a temporary solution is to install the trial version of Windows 11 on your PC. It has limitations, but the security and Steam support functions will work normally until you can update your setup.

Another option is to use Linux on your PC, which is free, lighter and supports Steam. However, it is possible that some games do not work properly, so it is worth checking the technical specifications of each game.

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Source: Steam