Starship prototype receives fuel, undergoes crucial test

Starship prototype receives fuel, undergoes crucial test

This Monday (23), SpaceX supplied for the first time the prototypes that, together, form the Starship system. The refueling was part of the so-called “wet test”, carried out in preparation for the orbital flight test of the vehicle’s prototypes.

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During the test, the rocket went through most of the steps necessary for the actual launch. Among them are the loading of liquid oxygen and methane propellant in the Super Heavy and Starship, propellant and upper stage, respectively, which form a vehicle over 100 meters high.

In a Twitter post, SpaceX said Starship completed its first full wet test at Starbase, with full fueling. “Today’s test will help verify the complete countdown sequence, as well as the performance of Starship and the orbital platform for flight operations,” they added.

The prototype Starship and Super Heavy booster were installed together, in full configuration, earlier this month. Now, the advance to the test stage can signal the proximity of the orbital flight test, which will take the system to orbit the Earth, returning to land in the Pacific Ocean.

However, there are still a few steps to go before the test flight takes place. One of these is the ignition test of more than 30 Raptor engines of the Booster 7 booster — the most extensive test ever carried out including just 14 of the engines.