Star Map | Márcia Sensitiva analyzes famous personalities and houses

Star Map |  Márcia Sensitiva analyzes famous personalities and houses

The program Mapa das Estrelas, hosted by Marcia Fernandes, has just premiered on the Lifetime channel. In the reality show, the astrologer, numerologist and psychic visits celebrities’ homes to do a complete Reviews of their personalities.

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At the service, Márcia Sensiitva does the numerology and astral map of the guest, in addition to checking how the energies of the house are. In all, 12 celebrities participated in the first season of Mapa das Estrelas, and the experience showed them revelations, tips and sympathies for them to achieve their goals.

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Lifetime’s Star Map series had guest stars in its first season. Among them are Karol Conká and Johnny Hooker, who said they loved their participation. The singer said that she felt welcomed by Márcia Sensitiva, even receiving a ritual to get rid of the backrests.

Hooker also loved the sensitive’s visit and says he has been following her advice strongly because he trusts Márcia Fernandes’ work a lot. Also participating in the program are ex-BBB Vyni, drag queen Alexia Twister, presenter Luciana Gimenez, in addition to Maurício Meirelles, Luísa Mell, among others.

Sensitive Marcia

“Participating in Mapa das Estrelas was a unique experience”, says Márcia. “I tried to be as rational as possible, as the astral map itself is. However, my sensitivity was of great help, as it enabled me to identify negative energies, possible spirits and even the mediumship of the artists who participated”, said the sensitive about the event. program.

Márcia Fernandes, also known as Márcia Sensitiva, is well known for her work, but also for being the face of several memes on social networks. Through her knowledge, the astrologer makes the astral map and numerology of celebrities, guaranteeing the best service.

The Star Map program airs weekly on the Lifetime channel.