Sony wants games priced at almost R$500 by 2027, leaks reveal

Charles Sims/Unplash

The price of games could reach almost R$500 in the coming years. Information discovered amid the Insomniac leak indicates that Sony plans to raise the price of its releases and that, by 2027, they could reach around US$100.

The significant increase of almost 43% is not official and there are no further details on how and when the values ​​may rise. At most, the documents stolen by hackers and made public at the beginning of the week point to the company’s interest in raising prices, continuing the trend we saw at the beginning of the current generation, when games started to cost US$70 instead of up to then traditional US$60.

This increase would represent an increase of almost 43% over the next three years. And, if it already seems like a pretty bad reality in dollars, imagine it in reais. If Sony really raises prices to this level, releases could arrive in the country costing R$500 — that is, practically half the minimum wage.

There is no detailed explanation in the documents as to why this intention was made, but it is possible to imagine that the current moment of global inflation may have influenced the calculations of this adjustment.

In the United States, accumulated inflation between 2013 and 2023 is 31.8%, according to data from the US Department of Labor Bureau of Labor Statistics. This means that the US$60 from a decade ago is equivalent to US$79 — which, in theory, means that the current price of games has not kept up with the general evolution of the economy. And it is possibly in this mathematics that Sony projects its US$100 in 2027.

This does not mean, however, that the readjustment will actually happen and in that proportion. So far, this is just an internal discussion at the company that became public following the Insomniac leaks. Still, it is worth remembering that other companies, such as Rockstar, have already signaled that the current US$70 is far below a value considered fair.