Sony stops manufacturing most PlayStation 4 models in Japan

Sony stops manufacturing most PlayStation 4 models in Japan

Sony is ending production of most PlayStation 4 models in Japan. The information was confirmed by the manufacturer after several stores in the country started saying they could no longer place orders for consoles.

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According to the Japanese website Game Watch, the company should finish manufacturing most of the PlayStation 4 models, keeping only the 500 GB Slim Jet Black version. As a result, other PlayStation 4 Slim models, regardless of internal storage, and PlayStation 4 Pro versions will no longer be manufactured.

Even with the arrival of a new generation, it is common for companies to still maintain the production of their old consoles for a certain time. However, companies in the sector also reduce the diversity of manufactured models, as is now the case with the PlayStation 4.

Although it has not yet officially finished manufacturing the console in the United States, there has been a lack of PlayStation 4 Pro in the North American market for months, indicating that Sony is also focusing on basic console models. Here in Brazil, it is still easy to find the new PS4 Pro being sold on the market, around R $ 3 thousand.

The PlayStation 5 was launched at the end of last year, but with a very limited offer. As a result, people interested in buying the video game had a hard time finding it available in stores. Thus, it is possible that Sony is also directing resources to favor the manufacture of PlayStation 5 by reducing the production of its old device.