Sony creates technology that changes game difficulty in real time

DivulgaĆ§Ć£o/Santa Monica Studio

A new patent from Sony indicates a new technology that changes the game’s difficulty in real time and which could be implemented in PlayStation Studios titles in the future. According to the document, titled Adaptive Difficulty Calibration For Skills-Based Activities In Virtual Environmentsthis technology saves the player’s skill level during several games and, over time, adjusts the difficulty according to this data.

This data will be collected at specific predefined times and everything will be stored on the PlayStation Network, linked to the user’s profile. The idea is that, with enough data, PlayStation will offer personalized difficulties or even adjustments during gameplay in the future. It is a continuous optimization, as it keeps this information dynamically updated, after each decision, to impact the character’s strength, spawn rate, mob abilities and movement speed.

Remembering that this is the patent document, indicating that Sony already has this technology available. Despite this, there is still no information on when it will be implemented, but it is likely that future games will have this type of adaptive difficulty, whether on the PlayStation 5 or future consoles.

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Fonte: World Intellectual Property Organization