Sonic gets exclusive game for Apple Arcade


We are indeed in the year of the hedgehog. After the success of Sonic Superstars, the fastest gaming hero will get a new game exclusive to Apple Arcade. SEGA announced Sonic Dream Team, a title that takes the mascot back to the world of 3D platforms and features some very interesting gameplay new features.

As the trailer already shows, the idea is to get closer to that more agile and radical style that we saw in the classic Sonic Adventure, but focusing on the mobile experience. To achieve this, the game will focus on some pillars that will support the gameplay.

The first of these is the variety of characters. Living up to the title, Dream Team There will be a cast of six heroes available, each of which has its own style. According to SEGA, they are divided into three types of movement, which will influence the way you explore each of the phases.

Thus, together with the duo Sonic and Tails, it will be possible to explore the unprecedented world of Dream Worlds with Knuckles, Amy Rose, Cream and Rouge. In total, there will be 12 levels available divided into four worlds. And as the proposal is to explore the world of dreams, this also means breaking the laws of physics and common sense in challenges that go beyond the imagination — and which should result in good playable moments.

Additionally, there is a much greater focus on boss fights. The studio confirmed that there will be four battles of the type that will test the player’s skills — and some of them can already be seen in the trailer.

Sonic Dream Team is scheduled to arrive on iPhone, iPad, Mac and Apple TV on December 5th.