Society expects technology to constantly improve people’s lives

Society expects technology to constantly improve people's lives

Technology has been present in our lives since primitive times. From the moment that man mastered fire until the invention of the transistor — in 1947 — that allowed humanity to enter the Computer Age and everything between these two discoveries made us go much further than we imagined. Since then, there has been a growth in society’s expectations for technology and companies in the sector to improve their lives in health, leisure, education, work and all aspects of their daily lives.

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When we talk about processors and video cards for personal use, we think of state-of-the-art computers, notebooks, laptops and videogames. This real presence already has a positive impact on people’s daily lives, both in their work and in their leisure time. But computing is also driving the creation and development of innovative and personalized technology solutions that empower people to push the boundaries of what we thought was possible. Today, AMD powers more than 100 of the world’s TOP 500 fastest supercomputers, which power discoveries that can change our lives.

Among these supercomputers, we highlight the Frontier, in the United States, with AMD EPYC processors and processing power of more than 1000 petaflops per second, today the most powerful and fastest in the world. Here in Brazil, we already have a supercomputer with 8320 AMD EPYC processors being used in several areas of research, such as computing, statistics, meteorology, energy and engineering.

These supercomputers have very high data processing capacity and help in scientific studies, thus allowing new discoveries in this segment. Society’s movements to demand more from companies and organizations have guided major trends such as greater ESG action and communication and the technology sector has a central role in allowing us to move forward together, bringing not only excellent products, but improved well-being and life of the population.

Despite mistrust related to new technologies, recent advances in AI and Machine Learning, combined with powerful accelerators and processors, have brought great results for research and reduced time to market for solutions aimed at sustainability, medicine, smart cities and much more. . In this way, we constantly work to improve what we have today and seek new solutions as society demands and our problems become more complex. It is important that we assume our commitments to bring innovation, sustainability and efficiency and communicate transparently about our role in driving diverse industries.