Samsung Wallet launches in Brazil with support for online payments and purchases

Samsung Wallet launches in Brazil with support for online payments and purchases

The Samsung Wallet was released in Brazil this Monday (30). The South Korean company’s app should unify two of its services in a single app: Samsung Pay, for payments, and Samsung Pass, for purchasing tickets and tickets.

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The Samsung Rewards points program will also be moved to the digital wallet. Before, it was linked to the Samsung Pay payment system, but now it joins in the initiative of safe centralization of personal data. Points can be redeemed at official company stores to obtain discounts, prizes or advantages on products and services.

The digital wallet follows the same pattern as other solutions already available on the market, such as the Google Wallet. This means that the user can centralize all his credit or debit cards, gather concert or movie tickets, save airline tickets, store loyalty cards and have discount coupons at hand.

While it may seem a little insecure to gather so much personal information in one place, the service will feature Samsung Knox encryption protection system. This technology was already present in One UI 4 and 5, but it should also reinforce data exchange between your device and external devices, such as credit card machines or digital ticket booths.

Samsung had announced the landing in Brazil on January 19th, but without nailing an exact date. The service, officially launched in June last year, also reaches seven other markets: Australia, Canada, Hong Kong, India, Malaysia, Singapore and Taiwan, now totaling 21 countries.

Why use Samsung Wallet?

One of the advantages of the service, in addition to convenience, is the elimination of passwords for all websites or apps used for each purchase. Everything will be stored in your wallet, accessible through biometrics — fingerprint unlocking or cell phone facial recognition.

The user does not need to carry a physical wallet full of documents or cards, which cause a huge headache when lost or stolen. With the digital application, even in case of theft, a thief should not be able to access your account due to the biometric protection.

How to use Samsung Wallet in Brazil?

The Samsung Wallet app will be automatically released to Galaxy line phones running Android 9 or higher. If you already use Samsung Pay, then you will likely receive an update that changes the payment app to the wallet.

The launch is expected to take place gradually, so there is a possibility that newer models will be contemplated before intermediate or entry-level models. Unfortunately, there is no way to speed up this process, as the app is not available on the Google Play Store or the Galaxy Store.

The suggestion to try to speed this up is to go to the store to try to update Samsung Pay or Samsung Pass. If you manage to do so, it means that your device has already been enabled to enjoy the smart solution from the South Korean giant.