Robot “lawyer” will defend its 1st defendant, in secret, in US court

Robot "lawyer" will defend its 1st defendant, in secret, in US court

In an unprecedented way, a defendant will receive assistance from an Artificial Intelligence (AI), dubbed a “lawyer” robot, while being tried in a court of law in the United States. Interestingly, the real-time exchange of information between the AI ​​and the client will be done in secret, using a cell phone with audio recording turned on, headphones with Bluetooth and an internet connection. This is because, in some cities, the type of aid is prohibited.

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The “lawyer” robot was developed by the US company DoNotPay. Outside of court, it is already used to automate claims and disputes of unfair charges, such as traffic tickets. All without the need to hire a lawyer or pay for fees – which has aroused criticism from professionals, according to the company’s CEO, Joshua Browder.

The tool in testing that could cause a real stir in the legal field goes in the same direction as other technologies on the rise, such as ChatGPT, from OpenAI. This is an AI model created to converse with people in a natural way, through questions and answers. If they are similar, there are great chances of a victory by the new robot.

When will the first trial to have a robot “attorney” be?

Although the company does not disclose in which city the trial will take place or the name of the defendant, CEO Browder advances that the historic feat should take place next month. “On the 22nd of February, at 1:30 pm, history will be made”, he says on his social networks.

“For the first time, a robot will represent someone in a US court. DoNotPay’s AI will whisper in someone’s ear exactly what to say,” adds Browder. “We’ll release the results and share more details later,” he explains. Finally, the CEO can ask Twitter users to wish them luck with the venture.

If everything goes wrong and the defendant loses the lawsuit, Browder has already warned that the company will cover all costs of the fine and the lawsuit. Basically, the person will not be penalized.

Source: CBS