Review Doogee T10 | A good but strange tablet

Doogee T10 sistema

Can a tablet for less than R$900 be good? In the case of the Doogee T10, yes. Even because this is the import price, but it may be worth waiting for the whole procedure to have this device in hand.

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However, before rushing to the purchase link, I recommend that you read this review a little carefully. Is that, despite being a good tablet, the Doogee T10 has some curious points that call attention.

Understand everything about this tablet that costs around R$ 800 and comes with a stylus pen. And that, despite some problems, is still a good option considering the cost-effectiveness.

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  • Good performance within the price range
  • Battery for more than one day
  • Great value for money


  • Screen without auto-brightness option
  • low quality camera

Design and Construction

  • Dimensions: 242.3 x 161.1 x 7.5mm

  • Weight: 570 grams

The Doogee T10 has a glass-protected screen and one-piece aluminum sides and back. The device was designed to be used in landscape mode, so its buttons and the USB-C connector are on the left side.

There are two sound outputs on the side, which in landscape mode is the bottom. A headphone jack can be found in the corner, next to the buttons. Cameras mimic the style of the iPhone 13, diagonally in a square module.

Although Doogee is best known for rugged cell phones, this is not the case with the T10. Even the case that comes with the tablet is only slightly reinforced to protect it a little more from everyday knocks.

This cover is the first slightly strange point I’m going to mention here. The front part of it has two creases to be folded, but I couldn’t understand the function of that. She doesn’t hold on to the table to serve as a tablet support.

The second point is the Stylus pen, which comes in the box. It has two ends, one to use on the tablet and the other with ink, to write on paper. Of course there are good uses there, but what is the need? And when you run out of ink, what do you do?


  • Size: 10.1 inches, 295.8 cm² in area, ~75.8% occupancy;

  • Panel technology: IPS LCD;

  • Resolution and aspect ratio: Full HD (1200 x 1920 pixels), 4:3;

  • Approximate density: 224 pixels per inch.

The technical specifications of the Doogee T10 screen are within expectations for a tablet in its price range. Full HD resolution for a 10-inch display may not seem ideal, but it’s common on this type of device — and there are televisions larger than that with lower resolution.

The panel, being IPS LCD, has a slightly low maximum brightness, but for indoor use it is a good size. The only serious issue with the display is the absence of an option to activate automatic brightness. With this, you are responsible for lowering or increasing the screen light when necessary.

And this is the third point of oddity of the tablet. I don’t know how long it’s been since I picked up a device with a screen larger than 5 inches without automatic brightness.

I used the Doogee T10 most of the time with the screen at around 50% brightness and found the visibility acceptable for a well-lit indoor environment. With the lights off, the minimum brightness is a little too strong, at least for my taste.

Configuration and Performance

  • Operating system: Android 12;

  • Platform: Unisoc T606 (12 nm);

  • Processor: Octa-core (2x 1.6 GHz Cortex-A75 + 6x 1.6 GHz Cortex-A55);

  • GPU: Mali-G57 MP1;

  • RAM and storage: 8/128 GB.

The hardware of the Doogee T10 is also within the proposal. The Unisoc T606 can run even popular games like PUBG Mobile and the like, which includes Free Fire — with some limitations. I didn’t experience any frame drops during testing.

In addition to the good processor, the tablet has 8 GB of RAM and 128 GB of storage. It’s an excellent amount for the device’s purpose, and it helps to handle the multitasking of an intermediate cell phone.

In the benchmarks, the score was similar to the Honor Pad 8. That is, they are similar tablets when we talk about processing capacity. If the idea is to run videos, productivity applications and some occasional games, the Doogee T10 serves very well.


Android 12 installed on the Doogee T10 brings few modifications from the manufacturer, which helps ensure smoother performance. For those who are already used to the robot’s cell phones, there is no secret to using the tablet.

However, it’s good to keep in mind that it was designed for use in landscape mode. It is possible to use it “standing up”, but the idea is to take advantage of the big screen as if it were a portable monitor.

And, to make things easier, you can plug in external keyboards and mice. Doogee even sells a keyboard designed specifically for the T10 that can be useful for those who want to write a lot on the device.


  • Main: 13 MP;

  • Secondary: not informed

  • Front: 8 MP;

  • Videos: 1080p @ 30 fps (max, main); 1080p @ 60 fps (max, front).

And here we have the fourth point of strangeness in the Doogee T10. The dual camera just doesn’t seem to be of any use. None of the capture modes in the camera app use this second sensor. And the manufacturer does not inform anything about the extra lens.

The quality of the photos is perhaps the lowest point of this tablet. Not really bad, but not very good either. Okay, it’s a tablet, no need to take amazing pictures. But it could be a little better.

What disappointed me the most was the dynamic range. The Doogee T10 prefers to blow out light areas to try to register more details in darker sectors of the image, instead of balancing a little and trying to lose less in both. This applies equally to the front and rear.

Thinking that the use of a tablet camera is more focused on videos, we have a problem. You can make reasonable video calls to friends and family, but for professional conferences, it falls short.

Doogee T10: main cameraDoogee T10: main cameraDoogee T10: main camera1/11

Indoor environment with good lighting

Felipe Junqueira/FreeGameGuide

Sound system

With two sound outputs at the bottom — when held in landscape mode — the Doogee T10 has a stereo audio system. The sound is good, but the position of the outputs can cause muffling when you place the device somewhere.

Other than that, the sound has good quality and power. For a low-cost tablet, it’s above expectations. Bass and treble do not stand out, but appear satisfactorily. And it has a headphone jack or Bluetooth for you to connect external audio devices if you prefer.

Battery and Charging

  • Charge capacity: 8,300 mAh;

  • Recharge: up to 18 W wired.

The Doogee T10 has a very reasonable usage time for a 10.1-inch tablet. In online video playback, the estimate was around 13 hours. In actual use, the device exceeded 15.5 hours of use.

Both tests were done with the screen brightness at 50%, which is good for indoor visibility. Depending on the lighting, you can even reduce it a little without prejudice to the experience.

That is, the Doogee T10 can deliver more than one day of use. Being a tablet, which does not consume as much on standby as a cell phone, it can perhaps reach up to two days away from the socket without major problems.

However, recharging can be a downside. I put the tablet on charge with 12% charge remaining, and timed it over three and a half hours for it to reach 100%. In half an hour, it had risen by about 10% of the load, only.

Direct Competitors

Although the Honor Pad 8 has similar processing capacity to the Doogee T10, they don’t compete directly. First, because of the price, much higher on Honor’s tablet. Second, for the proposal, since the Pad 8 is bigger and has a higher resolution.

But Doogee’s device may be a more affordable option for those thinking about Honor’s. Especially because, if we think about price, here in Brazil you can’t find anything similar to the T10 for less than R$ 1,000, and even less below R$ 800.

The Redmi Pad also performs similar to the Doogee T10, but is also priced a little higher, closer to R$ 1,000.

Doogee T10 systemDoogee T10 menusDoogee T10 cover1/18

Doogee T10 boot screen

Ivo Meneghel Jr/FreeGameGuide

Doogee T10: is it worth it?

This is a good tablet within the proposal, especially thinking about cost-effectiveness. The Doogee T10 has good performance, reasonable battery life and a nice screen to play videos.

For studying, working and even some occasional games, it’s a very good size. Even taking into account the strange points, such as the cover that does not work as a support, the screen without automatic brightness, the secondary camera without clear function and the dual stylus.

For less than R$800 on Chinese websites, it’s an excellent purchase. It runs even heavier games well, despite not having a comfortable size for a Free Fire match and the like. It’s a price for a tablet for studying or watching videos.

  • See the price of the Doogee T10 on Amazon
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