Retro console that is also a watch debuts on Kickstarter

Kickstarter / Reprodução

Developer Jason Rogers launched the campaign for the Retro Gaming Watch digital watch on Kickstarter. Essentially, it is a wristwatch and minigame for playing 8-bit and 16-bit games, with Bluetooth and limited integration with smartphones that allows you to synchronize the time, send and receive messages.

Equipped with SoC DA14706, it features a 160 MHz Arm Cortex M33 processor, 1.5 MB of internal RAM, 8 MB of QSPI RAM and 2D GPU. The configurations are extremely modest compared to smartwatches, but they are more than enough to meet the proposal of a retro, portable console that can also be used as a digital watch.

10-year project cost in 10 days

Rogers says in the description of the crowdfunding campaign that the Retro Gaming Watch is a personal project that took approximately 10 years to get off the ground. According to the developer, deep down “all watches are technically jewelry, so having a cool presentation is a secondary objective, but a portable mini-console that is faithful” to the quality of consoles up to the 16-bit generation is the focus of the project.

The Retro Gaming Watch (RHW) campaign was launched on 12/22 with an initial goal of US$35,000. In just 10 days it reached the US$56,000 mark. All early access levels and 30 beta-tester spots have already been sold out, leaving only the “moral support” and developer levels, which only include development kits; and the basic levels of the final product, with delivery estimated for November 2024.

For those interested in reselling or giving the product as a gift, Rogers also included support levels for lots of 10 watches, totaling up to US$1,599, which can also be personalized with messages engraved on the RGW body for an additional US$25.

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