Research reveals which apps crash the most on mobile

Research reveals which apps crash the most on mobile

The most unstable Android and iPhone applications are the leaders in installations on mobile phones. According to a survey by Uswitch, apps that crash frequently, close alone and accumulate more complaints from users are the market leaders, present on most cell phones.

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The survey analyzed the programs with the most installations and classified them according to the number of interruptions reported per million downloads in a month. More tangible evidence was also considered, such as error reports sent to companies, online store ratings and Google searches reporting problems.

This set of questions made it possible to assemble a list of applications with the highest incidence of problems, relating them to their popularity. Apparently, the more people have the software installed, the greater the tendency for failures to appear, resulting in widespread dissatisfaction — which, apparently, does not result in uninstalls.

Popular apps have more issues

These are the popular apps that crash most often:

  • Facebook
  • YouTube
  • twitter
  • McDonalds
  • Tinder
  • Uber
  • Discord
  • amazon
  • Whatsapp
  • Instagram
  • Spotify
  • twitch
  • Telegram
  • gmail
  • snapchat
  • Facebook tops the list of most unstable apps on the list, with poor ratings and constant complaints about battery drain or lack of features. The social network is accused of taking up a lot of memory on cell phones, as it performs many tasks in the background, which can cause crashes on less powerful cell phones.

    Second place was YouTube, Google’s great video platform, which seems to be uncontested on the web. In the case of the app, however, there seem to be many complaints about the program’s stability and lack of features when compared to the web version.

    In third position, according to the survey, is Twitter. Although the app is the king of complaints, basically related to interruptions, crashes and resources, the program is in third place due to the “million downloads” metric. Uswitch reports 195 issues on iOS or Android for every million monthly downloads, the highest amount in the Reviews.

    more stable apps

    Uwitch’s methodology also made it possible to define the most stable applications on both mobile operating systems. Zoom, the video conferencing application, won the title by having the fewest complaints per million downloads.

    This would have happened because the app is designed to work with limited internet connections and consume less resources, avoiding crashes during an important call. This should be the rule for all services in the same Zoom niche, but it isn’t, so it’s a credit to the app’s development team.

    Interestingly, some popular apps around the world are not on the list. This is the case with the social network TikTok, the Chinese shopping site Shein and video streams such as Netflix. It’s not clear if the survey didn’t analyze them or if the complaint rate was actually lower than rivals.