Renda+, a Direct Treasury bond for retirement, can now be purchased

Renda+, a Direct Treasury bond for retirement, can now be purchased

As of this Monday (30), investors from the Direct Treasury have a new long-term investment option. Called Renda+, the plan aims to create additional income for the individual after retirement.

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The new bond falls within the NTN-B category, better known as IPCA+, which adjusts the values ​​for annual inflation plus a fixed interest rate, which, for now, revolves around 6.5% per year.

However, the Renda+ brings a fundamental difference to the IPCA+. While investors in the old bond receive the entire amount back at maturity, the new plan returns the amount after the period in the form of monthly installments adjusted for inflation over a period of 20 years, in 240 installments. Therefore, if the investor buys a security due in 2035, he will continue to receive monthly payments until 2055.

As it is aimed at retirement, the options for accumulation are long term. The plans currently presented are for a minimum period of 7 years, maturing in 2030, up to more than 40 years, ending in 2065.

Like any other Treasury Direct security, Renda+ is subject to the regressive Income Tax table. As the objectives are long-term, over two years, the most common rate should be the minimum, 15% on earnings, but in case of early redemption, the Lion’s bite can reach 22.5%.

There are also differences in pricing. While other Treasury Direct securities incur the payment of B3’s custody fee, which is 0.2% per year, Renda+ will be exempt, as long as the investor does not try to redeem the amount in advance. If the sale takes place in less than 10 years, the rate will be 0.5% per annum on the redeemed amount. Between 10 and 20 years, the share drops to 0.2%. Above 20 years, the rate is 0.1%.

What are Treasury Direct bonds?

In addition to the new Renda+, Dinheiro Direto also offers more traditional products. The best known among them is the Selic Treasury, which is post-fixed and remunerates investors daily according to the Selic rate, as the name suggests.

Prefixed Treasury is also offered, which allows the individual to know exactly how much he will receive at maturity, since the rate is already known at the time of contracting and remains constant throughout the period.

The Treasury IPCA+, which readjusts the value according to inflation plus an annual rate defined at the time of contracting, exists in two modalities. In one of them, the investor receives the full amount at maturity; in the other, interest is paid semi-annually.